May 3, 2019

Monthly Intuitive Card Predictions for May 2019

First Week of May

The beginning of May and the first week of May will be in the spirit of introspection, observation, summing up, re-examining oneself and others. In this short period, we will begin to evolve and confirm some of our attitudes, tendencies, thoughts. We will dedicate ourselves to our inner work and finding the right path.

This periods asks us the questions on which we seek the answer, examines our thoughts, orientation, dedication. Are we on the right track? Perhaps, if we follow the inner voice that leads us to success.

Thinking will be creative, not burdensome and difficult. On the contrary, we will find something new about ourselves, to others, discover some new aspects, get a new idea, and be accompanied by an optimistic attitude and a look towards a further period. You may also surprise yourself during this period with some unexpected success.

The first week of May on the emotional plane is accompanied by uncertainties, poor connections for another person, conflict, re-examination, a lot of emotions that fill the cup and spill over.

During the first week of May we have to turn to spiritual values, find our peace through spiritual techniques and find the bliss in ourselves, to connect with the divine.

Second Week of  May

If we have done our individual internal path of review in the first week of May, if we found the spiritual basis in ourselves, strengthened it and put ourselves in stability, on the second week of May we can expect  blessings and new beginnings.

New ideas, new projects, new relationships, insights, inspiration, creativity and growth are just some of the key words that characterize this period. Good health, mobility, activity, satisfaction, period of prosperity in every field of life. Good news is on the pier and bring happiness and joy, referring to some past gloomy moments.

During this period, there will be a lot of business activities, contract signing, various documents, large investments can be expected on the business plan.

Target your thoughts in your driving motive and focus on goals and activities.

Third Week of May

During the middle of May, the period of business, activity, social and thought replaces the period of emotions and love life. In this period, there is a great chance that some old love, twin flame or an old friend will return to your life. Consequently, you will be in doubt and indecision what to do, with which you will develop internal restlessness, pessimism and a fall in self-confidence. 

Emotional turmoil will bring doubts into yourself and you are going to think that problems are gathered and you cannot be successful in their resolving, which involves you in the dissatisfaction state and impossible to decide correspondently.

A strong emotional turbulence during the third week of May gives you indications that you look to the future with brighter tones, not to give up and to make the right decisions. Believe in yourself and do not be afraid to cut off some people from your life if it is important to achieve your own peace.

The Fourth Week of May

The end of May requires you to show more will to communicate with another person in order to avoid confrontation and disappointment. 

There will be an unclear situation between two people, two business partners, lover, spouse, conflict, minor disappointments due to the existence of certain expectations from partner who are not fulfilled. If you can not establish a balance, try to distance yourself, in order to get rid of things by itself.

On the business plan, end of May brings invitations, good news at work, benefits, driving energy and good communication with colleagues. You can also get some nice gift or useful advice.