April 16, 2018

How to prepare an elixir from crystals?

1. The elixir is made mainly from the spring water, where it is not present, is a good filtered water.

2. Take 1.5-3 liters of water, a selected Crystal, a bottle with a wider hole.

3. Place the crystal in salt for one day, wash the crystal in the evening, and put it on the moonlight until morning.

Put the crystal in the bottle; pour the water over the crystals concentrated on the program you gave it or the ideal state you want to come to.
4. Early in the morning, in the open, (or open window) take a bottle, water, and crystal.

5. Place the crystal on the third eye (between the eyebrows), close your eyes, turn your eyes up, and give the crystal program (To improve the condition of the hair or to strengthen the work of the hair, etc.) it is very important that the program is simple, or simply imagine the ideal state to whom you want to come.

6. Put the crystal in the bottle; pour the water over the crystals concentrated on the program you gave it or the ideal state you want to come to.

7. Close the bottle; leave it in the sunny place for 6 hours.

8. Keep the rest of the water in a sunny place, every day for 6 hours.

9. Drink 1 dl of elixir when you wake up, before lunch, before bedtime, and also rub the elixir in your hair.

10. As much water as you drink, adding the same amount of water in the bottle with the crystal, from the other bottle from which you poured water (the ones you keep in the sun every day).

11. The crystal is all time in the bottle we put in.

12. When you drink all 3 liters, take a break for 7 days, then continue again.

13. It is possible to make an elixir and from a combination of crystals, but it is better to make an elixir than one crystal and carry the combination with it.

• If this is complicated for you, put the crystal in a glass of water before bedtime and drink water on the empty stomach in the morning.

Clear quartz

The clear quartz elixir is used both in solving the state of energatization, as well as in classical treatment with crystals, most often depression, mental state, pancreatic and stomach conditions, etc.

• Amethyst

In a glass of 2 dcl, pour water and put a processed piece of amethyst. Leave to stand overnight and drink in the morning. 

The elixir also showed good results when adjusting the digestion. 

It improves hair growth and cleanses skin and pores. 

Every 15 - 20 days, amethyst is cleansing under running water for 3 - 5 minutes. It must not be charged in the sun, but with clear quartz.

• Amber

In cases of rheumatism, it is advised to drink an elixir from the amber. Leave to stand in 1dl of water, preferably unprocessed amber, about 12 h, and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

• Orange calcite or aragonite

It can stay in the glass of water overnight and drink in the morning – it possesses much better effects than the calcium tablets. The effects are more visible when we use elixir from calcite than to just hold it in hand or carry with us.

• Lace agate

An elixir treats a fluid imbalance in the organism. Mahogany Agate Elixir is for outdoor use, cures fungus and skin infections.

• Emerald

Aphrodisiac, and is often used especially for inflammation, spleen, bones, muscles, rheumatism.

• Aventurine

It's good as eye-catching. It cleans the skin from the cuff, acne, comedone.

• Jasper

Very good for weight loss - the elixir should be prepared from jasper, magnesite and clear quartz. This elixir should be drunk a few weeks before each meal.

• Citrine

It supports the change of matter in the body, and the change of substance is the basis of all life processes. 
This elixir is very good for digestion, acts on diabetes, kidneys, intestines, liver, bladder, digestive organs. 
It regenerates skin affected with burns, heart tissue, blood vessels, strengthens immunity, muscles, improves digestion, and reduces temperature. Clean poisons from the body.

• Calcedone

Elixir of calcedone and clear quartz made overnight and drink in the morning, protects from diseases in the lower part of the abdomen, arteries and lung disease. At the same time it gives a softer and healthier skin.

• Carnelian

Carnelian elixir helps with paradentosis and bleeding of the gums and protects against bad breath.