December 22, 2017

How to buy original Argan oil? Argan oil - pure vs. fake

Pure argan oil is produced from the fruits of Argan wood (Argania spinosa) which grows only in the south-western part of Morocco. 

Due to argan’s homeland, it still bears the name Moroccan oil. In Morocco, argan oil is considered as liquid gold and has been used traditionally for centuries.

Today, argan oil is very appreciated and required on the market due to its effective action on skin care, hair and nails care.

Production of argan oil

Argan tree is grown exclusively as an organic product, with no pesticide spraying, and GM application resources. 

It grows wild, and goats in Morocco use it as supplement in their diet. Goats are mediators in producing argan oil.

The large, round green fruits carry a nut from which produce pure argan oil. The process of obtaining argan oil from nut is a traditional process. Women are doing it by hand with a stone to smash nut in purpose to exit the nucleus of a walnut. The nucleus then go to grinding, to manage a milled paste that can be manually drained away until obtained a pure and original argan oil. This oil is cold pressed and unrefined. This oil retains all the nutrients and quality.

It is believed that the manufacture of 1l of argan oil requires 100kg fresh fruits of Argan and 20 hours of work time.

Due to a long and hard work in making argan oil, the total price of the end product is proportionally high. This rightly is said that the argan oil is actually liquid gold.

What are the differences between pure and fake argan oil?

Pure argan oil has a specific smell, which can be felt with opening the bottle, and during application to the skin, quickly evaporates and disappears. Fake argan oil has unpleasant odor with no affection after application to the skin.


Pure argan oil has a specific smell, which can be felt with opening the bottle, and during application to the skin, quickly evaporates and disappears. 

Fake argan oil has unpleasant odor with no affection after application to the skin.


Colour of pure argan oil is light golden yellow. Colour of fake argan oil can be lighter or colour usually is impersonal, which is characteristic of interference with other oils.


Pure argan oil has viscous texture, which is characteristic of cold-pressed oils. In situation with fake copies of argan oil, it is usually watery and liquid line.


Quality pure argan oil after application on the skin absorbs quickly and does not remain greasy residue and fat glow. 

Skin is soft, gentle and with no grease lines. When we talk about false argan oil, fatty layer exists, they held on the skin and skin cannot absorb it. On skin there are no noticeable changes in the form of softness and elasticity. 

The pure oil, as opposed to fake argan oil, not grease the hair, leaves no greasy residue on the hair and does not dry out your hair. On the contrary, the right argan oil is identified by rapid absorption into the hair and the hair gets soft and luminescence appearance. 

Content of argan oil in the bottle

The bottle which carries the pure argan oil should be clearly marked with notice – ’’100% pure argan oil’’. 

Pure argan oil does not contain other substances, protein, creatine, silicone, water, fragrances, preservatives, paraben. 

In cosmetics there has to be clearly indicate the content of argan oil and other substances. 

For bottles that are made from a variety of other oils and sold as argan oil, can often be visible mark 100% pure argan oil, but we still need to read the mark thoroughly, and make sure it does not contain other substances. If consist, this oil is false.

The presence of sediment in the bottle

According to process of creating pure argan oil by manually squeezing and melting, the bottom of the bottle may develop small sediment, which is not a disadvantage, and does not change the composition and quality of the product. 


Because of the way of obtaining real argan oil, which takes time, effort and work, argan oil is made in proportion to the price of the original product. 

The price of real argan oil has never been inexpensive like other oils. It is one of the most expensive oil, so on the basis of prices, it can be recognized is the argan oil fake or pure. False argan oil is often diluted with other oils, so the price of such oil is lower than the price of pure argan oil.

Appearance of packaging

Packaging for the pure argan oil is dark, colour brown, glass bottles. It is kept in a dark bottle to protect oil from direct ultraviolet rays that can neutralize oil’s natural composition. Any other packaging, plastic or silicone is characteristic of false argan oil.

Manufacturer and Certification

Manufacturer's country must be origin - Morocco. It stands on the mark of pure argan oil. Other country does not produce the pure argan oil. This oil is organic and is certified by producer who is registered. 

Pure argan oil has ECOCERT and USDA certificate, and just like that, you'll be sure you are buying the right argan oil. 

Always buy from trusted manufacturers, not in the markets, supermarkets, or from street vendors.