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August 8, 2017

7 Herbs Against Flatulence

Abdominal bloating is caused by the accumulation of large amounts of gases, which may be in the form of dense foam or diluted gases form

Until the advent of gas in the stomach is caused by various factors, most often this phenomenon is linked to specific food.

In some individuals, bloating is caused by the consumption of certain foods that they know that will created gases and unpleasant feeling of pressure in the intestines.

To bloated stomach can come when we have diarrhea or constipation.

In women, there is a feeling of bloating of the stomach, which occurs in the period before the cycle or during the cycle; the often use of contraceptive pills has connection with the introduction of gases in the stomach.

,, I'm feeling tense and I think my stomach is going to explode ’’ is unpleasant situation that bloating gives us, especially if we are in the company during the meal.
,, I'm feeling tense and I think my stomach is going to explode ’’ are unpleasant situation that bloating gives us, especially if we are in the company during the meal.

Did you know that a cure for stomach problem calls bloating we can find in nature?

Herbs and plants that contain certain natural substances can be effectively natural way to remove superfluous gases that are created in the stomach and relieve us from 
,, belt around the stomach that stifling ’’.

1. Ginger

Ginger is a magnificent oriental spice, gladly seen in various foods, sweets, juices. 

Ginger can be used both in fresh state, and in dried (in powder form) to prevent feeling of bloated stomach.

For this purpose, you can cook the tea from fresh ginger or add every little ginger powder in food.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another addition to the ginger from the spice that helps in eliminating sensation of bloating, nausea and vomiting

You can use cinnamon as a seasoning for sweets, puddings, rice and thus prevent the aforementioned situation.

Pineapple and papaya are a tropical fruits that contains the enzyme that effectively regulate digestive processes and facilitate digestion. Papaya contains a natural enzyme, which splits emergency food and prevents the release of gases in the stomach.

3. Pineapple and Papaya

Pineapple and papaya are a tropical fruits that contains the enzyme that effectively regulates digestive processes and facilitate digestion. 

Papaya contains a natural enzyme, which regulate digestion and prevents the release of gases in the stomach.

4. Anise

Anise is probably best known seed for the removal of gases in the stomach

It soothes the stomach, improves digestion and soothes heartburn. 

Try tea from anise - take teaspoon anise and pour it with a cup of boiling water and leave to stand for 20 minutes. Drink hot tea without additional sweetening.

5. Caraway

Small black caraway seeds reduce bloating and intestinal gases, and because of its healing powers can use them and mothers who have babies with the problem of gases in the intestines. Caraway can also be prepared in the form of tea like anise.

6. Fennel

This is an ideal food for the treatment of gases, which is one of the reasons why fennel is offering on-site meals in Indian restaurants. 

You can chew its seeds and crush them, or to prepare tea using boiling water. 

Medicinal compounds in these seeds relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract and facilitate the passage of trapped gases. Half a teaspoon of chopped fennel will help.

7. Dandelion

Dandelion root is a natural remedy for the treatment of liver problems, but also dandelion tea can relieves bloating and gases in the stomach.