April 22, 2017

How to prepare your own apple vinegar?

Apple vinegar is made by fermentation of apples and it's very healthy and healing. 

We can say that the apple vinegar is cure for all diseases. 

It is especially suitable for cleaning the blood vessels of accumulated triglycerides and cholesterol, cleansing the liver from fats and the total cleaning and healing of organism.

How to prepare cider vinegar at home?

For the preparation of homemade apple vinegar you will need apples, which should be organic, unsprayed and sugar.

Apples should be washed thoroughly with water, with removed stems and seeds, and then mashed in a blender till it chops in the middle pieces (not too finely).

Grinded apples with juice that will go from them, put in a larger pot or larger container. 

If apples are not so juicy and do not have enough moisture, you can add water in the proportion of ¼ liter of boiled and cooled water to 10 kg of apples.

Sprinkle sugar over the apples (3.5 oz), all stir in the pot and cover with cheesecloth. 

Put pot with apples and sugar in a warm place or even the sun. Occasionally open cheesecloth and mix the contents.

The fermentation process takes 30 days, and after that, the apple vinegar is ready to be filtered through cheesecloth. 

For the preparation of homemade apple vinegar you will need apples, which should be organic, unsprayed and sugar.

Colour of obtained cider vinegar should be light yellow with no sediment. 

The resulting vinegar pour into bottles, hermetically close and stored in a dark and cool room.

If after a certain time, vinegar starts to precipitate, it should be once again strain through multi-layer gauze and then pour into a clean bottle. 

It must be kept in a cool, dark place, because shelf life of vinegar is practically unlimited.

Recommended dose of apple vinegar

The daily amount of cider vinegar is 2 tablespoons in a glass of lukewarm water. 

Health Benefits of Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar helps with: 

- Diseases of the throat (used undiluted vinegar gargle for colds) 

- With irregular digestion (instead of probiotics) 

- Poor circulation 

- Cleansing the liver and blood vessels

- Lowers high blood pressure

- Helps in Weight Loss

- In the case of varicose veins

- With rheumatism

- Affect the health of the skin

- Acts on the muscles and nerves because it is rich in potassium

- At people which have chronic diseases, in recovery from cancer

- Against itching on the skin it is recommended external use of dilute vinegar, whith rubbing and massaging cider vinegar on changed area.