January 19, 2017

How to win fight against Loneliness?

'Loneliness is not solitude'.

Every man in his life had moments of solitude, without the help of others, or he just felt lonely among the people that surrounded him.

First, it should be distinguish the concept between loneliness and being alone

Loneliness is the change that occurs and that passes. However, the danger may be chronic loneliness because she can gives birth to depression, apathy and dullness.

What are the common reasons that lead to loneliness?

As the most common reasons for the emergence of loneliness shall be taken:

- Loss of beloved being and longtime partner
- Moved to other place or town
- Emotional termination
- Overcrowding job
- A lack of jobs
- Loss of trust in people
- Retirement
- Live alone without family

What are the most common symptoms of loneliness?

As symptoms that each lonely person feels are:

- Alienation
- Antisocial
- The desire to be alone
- Avoiding people
- The feeling of abandonment and neglect by others
- Apathy
- Depression
- Loss or increase of appetite

Characteristic of loneliness is that man has a sense of mental emptiness, helplessness, although it has help from other people around him. 

Characteristic of loneliness is that man has a sense of mental emptiness, helplessness, although it has help from other people around him.

Such a person feels self-pity and also looking for sympathy. Lonely person has fear of changes, shows no interest, everything is boring to him, and it feels psychologically tense when other people around.

Due to the protracted crisis and unpleasant manifestation of loneliness, a person becomes estranged, which why others abandon such a person. 

How to deal with loneliness?

As with all other psychological conditions, person should recognize its condition, like the solitude and loneliness, because for the most part, loneliness still goes into severe depression.

Motivation and desire for change is the first step that lonely person needs to establish. When the person feels awakened, she will leave loneliness easily, because she determined to change something in her habits.

When person with loneliness wants change and other people will join her in the fight against loneliness. Joint actions, conversations, positive vibrations will only help a lonely person to get back on track.