December 30, 2016

How to nurture dry and mature skin in a natural way?

If you have dry skin or skin that is already in wrinkles and a bit drained, it is necessary to restore the skin's natural moisture and primarily natural fat film, which skin eventually lost through years.

In addition to cosmetics that you use for dry skin, you can include the treatment of dry skin with natural oils.

In order to treat dry skin, it must be used cold-pressed oils, or oils that have not been subjected to high temperatures during the preparation and have kept all essential nutrients in it.

If you want to deploy some of natural remedies for dry and mature skin, you should know that you will be required just one component, and it is vegetable oil of your choice.

 If you want to deploy some of vegetable oils for dry and mature skin, you should know that you will be required just one component, and it is vegetable oil of your choice.

1. Almond oil

Almond oil is obtained from ripe fruit of almonds, by cold squeezing. 

Oil of almonds possesses the following characteristics:

- Prevents irritation, itching and dry skin

- The skin becomes soft and toned

- Protects the skin from harmful UV rays

- Slows down skin aging and wrinkling

- Soothes skin allergies

2. Macadamia

From the ripe fruit macadamia, with the process of cold pressing, macadamia oil is obtained. 

Macadamia oil is really appreciated vegetable oil because it is always organic.

This oil possesses the following characteristics:

- It contains unsaturated fatty acids, thereby compensating for the lipid layer in the skin

- It nourishes the skin

 - It is absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy residue

3. Argan Oil

Argan oil is a quality and costly oil originating in Morocco. It has numerous nutrients, including vitamin E, carotenes and unsaturated fatty acids. 

The benefits of Argan oil on dry skin are as follows:

- Nourishes skin

- Prevents further drying of skin

- Regenerates the skin

- Slows down the process of aging skin

- It works against the inflammatory

- Effective in eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis

4. Sesame

In sesame oil there are vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, lipids and oils. 

Sesame oil is intended for the care of dry and sensitive skin, and possesses properties which are as follows:

- Reduces inflammation of the skin

- It cleans deeply the skin of all impurities

- It nourishes and regenerates the skin 

5. Oil of wild roses

Oil of wild roses is most beneficial when it comes to dry and mature skin

Essential fatty acids and vitamins A in large percentage make this product ideal for skin regeneration.

The properties of this oil are as follows:

- Tightens the skin and soothes visibility of wrinkles

- Deeply nourishes the skin

- Removes the skin pigmentations

6. Avocado

In the green fruit of the avocado is housed super treasury of nutrients - essential fatty acids, lecithin, and vitamin E and carotenes.

Benefits of Avocado oil are as follows:

- It is intended for the care of dry skin

- It nourishes and regenerates skin

- It has an anti-inflammatory property

How to apply vegetable oils in the treatment of dry skin?

Before applying oil on the face, the face must be clean and dry. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your face with water and a mild cleaning product without alcohol. After washing, dry face skin with gentle towel.

Apply on your fingers a drop or two drops of vegetable oil and massage into skin in circular movements. Rub it well to skin absorbed as much oil as can.

After applying oil, if you notice that you have gone too far or skin is too greasy, take a paper towel and remove excess fat.

The procedure can be repeated during every night before bedtime. 

During the day you can use the cream for dry or mature skin, which has a twofold advantage - to moisture and to nurture skin.