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March 22, 2016

Features and Health Benefits of Jade

Historical story about using Jade

First use of jade started 3 millennium BC by the oriental people, especially in the area of ancient China

Jade was considered as royal and celestial stone, it was appreciated as semiprecious stone but jade also possess divine properties.

Jade worship was widespread throughout China, which speak fact about the findings tombs of Chinese emperors who were shackled in jade, as well as funeral suits of emperor and empress. 

Jade stone was placed on the eyes of rulers as symbol of protection from the negative forces in the transition to the afterlife.

In the tradition of marrying in China, the young man had to sacrifice a young figure of the butterfly made of jade. This act is expressed love, faithfulness and eternal love for future partners.

In addition to ancient China, jade have been used by other ancient peoples, such as the Egyptians, who used the benefits of jade as the cornerstone of wisdom, love and inner harmony.

In the period of Aztecs and Maoris jade was used for making tools, such as axes, swords, and to decorate clothing for the ruler of the tribe.

Today's jade findings are: China, Italy, Russia, China, Burma, and USA

Types of jade

Jade includes two different minerals, which except for the color also differ in their physical structure and in health effects on the body.

1. Jadeite

Jadeite is salt in its chemical structure - sodium aluminium silicate which is lightweight, translucent and very expensive

Honorable jadeite is from Burma, which has emerald green color, but also occurs in other colors.

2. Nephrite

This is another form of jade, which is characterized by a softer structure and the color is a milky white - green. Today's nephrite deposits are China, New Zealand, Russia, and Taiwan.

Some colors of jade have their own characteristics:

• Green jade - this is the most commonly seen color, which is characterized by a sedative effect on the nervous system. Green jade relaxes, soothes irritability and has influence in establishing mental balance.

• Blue jade - symbolizes peace, harmony and helps people to find patience and to get out of the situation that is emotionally hard for them.

• Jade with color of lavender - this color affects the establishment of the internal harmony and often used in situation of emotional loss.

• Brown jade – this color of jade is used in a variety of rituals and meditation, when it is necessary to establish a landing and establish a connection with the earth.

• Red jade - this colour indicates passion, love, emotions. It releases anger, tension, and is mainly used in such conditions in order to establish peace.

• White jade - provides positive energy and directs it to the body.

• Yellow jade - brings joy and happiness, positive energy, friendship and is used in crystal therapy for the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract.

What are the physical and mental characteristics of Jade?

• Jade is the stone associated with the heart chakra; amplifies emotions.

• Attracts happiness, joy, friendship, balance, moderation and protects the holder from the harmful influence of evil people and negative energy.

• Eliminates conditions such as distractions, stress, irritability, nervousness.

• Jade is the stone that works to establish a balance between the physical and spiritual level so that refines the body, eliminates negative thoughts, empowers deepen knowledge.

• It is enough to take a piece of jade in hand and meditate for a while. Listen to what stone wants to send, listen to its vibration.

Jade is the stone of which is associated with the heart chakra and amplifies emotions.

• Jade is also called the stone of dreams, because it helps you decipher the dreams that you dream. 

Therefore, it is placed under the pillow, for dreams been remembered. 

Put jade on the forehead, to eliminate strong reactions, irritability and anger.

• Teens and children who are shy and introverted should carry jade with them in order to establish friendships, communication and eliminate fear.

• To have a chance at a job interview, put a piece of jade in pocket, because it brings happiness on the business plan. 

Also, figure made of jade, you can put on the desk in the office and it will protect you from the competition and evil colleagues who you do not think is good.

• Characteristic of the jade is that he is harmless for the owner, because jade do not absorb the negative impacts from the environment.

• On the physical level, jade works well on the kidneys, affects the detoxification of the body, and it has a positive effect on bone density and rapid healing of the wound. 

It's good for pregnant women and women who want to become pregnant, because it encourages fertility. 

It also works well on the lumbar spine and spleen.

• It is believed that people born under the sign of Pisces, whose ruler is Neptune, are strongly related to the jade, so it is considered as the protecting stone for Pisces.

Jade does not need cleaning. He always stays clean and transmits its gentle calming vibrations.