October 14, 2015

Healing Hand Mudras for Better Health

Yoga hand movements that use only the palms and fingers are called mudras and represent one of the ancient Indian systems of medicine. 

Each of our fingers on both hands has a different meaning and each corresponds to the energy of a certain part of the body. 

The right hand represents the masculine side and it is under the influence of the sun, while the left hand is the female part  and is managed by the Moon. Right hand grabs power, while left giving power. 

The mudras are simple movements with a great power that can change your life, because the energy locked in the chakras can be released by applying hand mudra. 

The greatest number of mudras can be apply anywhere, but it is recommended a quiet and secluded place where you will be at peace with yourself. 

During the practicing, seat in a comfortable position with corrected spine. 

In the beginning, it is recommended that you practice half an hour a day, and later, you can extend practicing time.

Healing Mudras for Better Mental and Psychic Health

handmudras,Vayu mudra helps with heart disease, increase vitality, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. Bend the forefinger to the root of thumb and gently press with your thumb, while the othefingers are fixed. 

Rudra mudra is excellent to relieve fatigue, exhaustion and weakness, to improve blood circulation. 

It can be practiced for five minutes, several times throughout the day. 

Doctors, students, are advised to practice this mudra, because it healing arrhythmia, anxiety, restlessness.


Hakini mudra helps us to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

The left side is logical and the right creative and most often to bring these two sides to work simultaneously is quite like a miracle. 

Place your fingertips to connect the flow of energy between the two parts of the body. This of course is not a magic trick, nor will instantly feel the change, but the effectiveness of this position can test when you need something to remember: connect the pads of the fingers and breathe deeply.


Anjali mudra promotes better memory, increases concentration, and since it is very discreet - you can work anywhere and anytime. 

Practice this position for 45 minutes a day, or three times a day for 15 minutes.