September 28, 2015

3 Herbal Tincture | garlic | nettle | pine resin

Tincture of garlic

The tincture made from garlic is used for purifying blood vessels of accumulated triglycerides, bad cholesterol and toxins, but also for the overall detoxification of the body, especially the liver. 

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and this tincture of garlic  is recommended in conditions such as colds, flu and in cleansing parasites because garlic has antiparasitic properties.


- 1 qt. (1 litter) alcohol (strong brandy, vodka)
- 8 oz (250 grams) of garlic

Preparing tincture:

Clean the garlic and finely chop it. In a bottle with alcohol put garlic, shake the ingredients to combined, and then close the bottle with the cap. 

Keep a bottle 15 days in a warm place (the sun) and shake well daily. 

After two weeks, the contents of the bottle are filtered through cheesecloth. 

Put tincture into a clean bottle and take 15-20 drops of tincture once a day, before lunch. 

Tincture of garlic can stand in the fridge for a year.

Tincture of nettle

Nettle is a good natural remedy for prevention and treatment of anemia; it affects the growth of red blood cells and hemoglobin. 

Nettle has a diuretic effect; it increases excretion of urine, destroys bacteria in the urinary tract, expels stones from the kidneys and helps with gout because it increases the excretion of uric acid from the body.

Due to the high tannin content, nettle helps with bleeding (ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, excessive menstrual bleeding, hemorrhoids).

Analgesic property (pain reliever) of nettle is advised for pain in the spine and joints.

Because of the antibacterial and antiviral effects, nettle has use in a variety of inflammatory processes.

Nettle is one of the best keepers of liver function.

Its influence on the pancreas, helps in regulation of blood sugar levels.

Thanks to the presence of quercetin, nettle stabilizes mast cells (cells responsible for allergic symptoms) and prevents the release of histamine in allergic reactions.


- A handful of chopped root and two hands of chopped leaves of nettle
- 1 qt. strong alcohol


Put nettle in a bottle and pour with alcohol. Close the bottle and let it sit in a warm place for 15 days. 

Daily shake the bottle. 

After two weeks, strain the content and drink 3 times a day for 15-20 drops in a little water.

Tincture of pine resin

The pine resin in alcohol helps in the elimination of pain, especially in the bones, muscles and joints.

It's necessary:

- 1 oz pine resin
- Half a cup of alcohol (vodka, brandy)

Preparation :

Pine resin overflow with alcohol and let stand for 3 weeks in the dark with occasional shaking. Then strain the content and rub painful areas with it.