June 11, 2015

How to find out whether your chakras in the imbalance

Word chakra originates from the Sanskrit word that translates as wheel or vortex, by which we receive life energy and emit it into the environment.

It is known that there are 7 primary chakras in the body, and for maintaining balance on all levels in the body, it requires one condition - all chakras have to be in balance. 

Disorder of one or more chakras leads to disorder in circulating of life energy and damages on  psychical or mental level.

It is known that there are 7 primary chakras in the body, and to maintain balance in the body requires one condition - that all chakras are in the balance.

What Symptoms Indicate Imbalance In Chakras?

Do you ever feel back pain or stiffness? Do you often change the mood, stress or you have trouble concentrating?

These are just some of the symptoms that may indicate that with chakras is something wrong. 

To find out which of the seven chakras are not working properly, read the symptoms that are associated with each chakra specifically.

I chakra - are confined to the area of the perineum (anus). It is connected with the physical body by the adrenal glands. 

Symptoms that accompany disbalans in the first chakras are: restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, and weight loss, weakness, loss of physical strength, gout, toothache, digestive problems, and problems with reproductive organs.

II chakra - is placed below the navel, and the physical body is connected through the ovaries and testes.

Symptoms that suggest disorders of the second chakra are: cycle disorders in women, ovulation disorders, impotence in men, and pain in the lower back, hips, and knees.

Difficult urination, loss of libido, depression, poor appetite and lethargy.

III chakra - is located above the navel and with the physical body is connected through the pancreas.

Symptoms related to disorders of the third chakra are: aggression, dominance, anger, and stubbornness, increased secretion of gastric acid and digestive enzymes. Indigestion, shortness of gall flow from the gallbladder.

IV chakra - is placed in the center of the rib cage, and with a physical creature is connected via the thymus gland and heart.

Symptoms that accompany disorders of the fourth chakra are: introversion, loss of self-esteem, loneliness, depression, anxiety, arrhythmia, dyspnoea, chest pain, asthma.

V chakra - is located in the throat, and with the physical body is connected via the thyroid gland.

Symptoms of disorders of the fifth chakra are: excessive talking or excessive silence, sore throat, loss of concentration, problems with the neck, thyroid gland.

VI chakra - located between the eyebrows and with the physical body is connected via the pituitary gland.

Disorders of the sixth chakra are manifested by the following symptoms: poor vision, poor memory, loss of concentration, hallucinations and obsessions, sleep problems, headaches.

VII chakra - is placed on the top of the head, and with the psychical  body is connected via the pineal gland.

Symptoms of disorders of crown chakra are: migraines, loss of spirituality, apathy, arrogance and malice.