April 27, 2015

Face mapping? What is it?

The method marked as facial mapping is traditionally used in China and India. 

The observation of changes in the face are being associated with a diseased organ or organ system.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, this method is called Mien Shiang, in the literal translation it would means - read face

Namely, ancient Chinese believed that changes on the face have relation with the changes within the body.

Face Mapping and its decrypt

Namely, ancient Chinese believed that changes on the face related to the changes that are happening within the body and depending on the position of the face, discovered which organ in the body is affected.

1. Forehead

The changes that appear on the forehead are causally related to the bladder and small intestine

The cause is poor diet, rich in saturated fats, processed foods, too much spice and salt. 

The use of alcohol, nicotine, coffee may affect metabolism and cause skin changes.

How to treat? 

- The organism must be subjected to detoxification, using as much water and fruits. 

- Abstinence from alcohol and coffee, plenty of rest and sleep.

2. Between the eyebrows

The organ that associated with is the liver. The cause is poor digestion, poor diet, stress and not enough rest. 

It can be associated with  allergies to gluten or with often meat consumption. 

The cure is healthy food, fresh fruits, yoga, meditation, walking.

3. Eyebrows

In this case the kidneys are caught up. The cause is usually excessive intake of nicotine, alcohol, bad circulation and lymphatic drainage; too much intake of salt or a weak heart. 

The cure consists in taking as much water, cutback of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

4. Nose

When we look at the nose, we think of the heart. The cause is bad digestion, gases in the intestine, poor circulation. 

Also, high blood pressure can bring problems in the area of this part of the face. 

The cure is the regulation of blood pressure through diet and exercise.

5. The upper part of the face

This part of the face is the mirror for changes in the lungs. The cause lies in shortness of breath, bronchitis, asthma. 

It is also a place for created dark circles under the eyes. It is necessary to breath as much fresh air.

6. Right and left cheek

Cheeks are the mirror for the lungs and kidneys. As with other changes, influence could be found in the diet, intake of excessive doses of salt and unhealthy fats. 

More exercise, training, rest are recommended.

7. The mouth and chin

In this case the stomach is one that is offended

Too much sitting, stress, fatty foods, spicy foods, lots of coffee causes changes in this part of the face. 

Detox with fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of water, training will certainly help.

8. The jaws and neck

If you have a change in the form of acne, itching or some allergies in this part of the face, it means that you have a hormonal disorder

Meditation, yoga, proper nutrition will surely balance the hormones.

9. Ears

Changes on the ears mean changes in the kidneys

Too much consumption of caffeine, salt, spices will result with changes on the ears. 

Drop down with intake of salt, caffeine and drink plenty of water. Changes will disappear.