February 28, 2017

Enhance your life with Qi Gong

What is by definition QiGong?

QiGong is an ancient Chinese practice of internal exercises, in order to connect with the universe to transfer positive, chi energy which is required to human for the maintenance of all physical and mental function in life. 

QiGong is the key to a durable and healthy life. 

Qi - means to nurture life energy

Gong - work, discipline, raising

At what levels operates QiGong?

This ancient art of energetic medicine works both, on the physical body and the spirit. It unites entirety of the man with no separation; QiGong does not view man as systematic parts, but as a small universe.

QiGong is the art of using breathing techniques, certain movements and harmonization of thoughts.

By practicing QiGong, the general health improves, the vitality increases, the positivity and optimism are raised, and achieves the blissful state of mind.

On what principles is based QiGong?

The connection between man and nature is very close, even unbreakable. The nature is the universe with internal harmonious relationships and through the universe circulates positive energy called - chi.

The man on the other side is part of the universe or the universe in miniature. Through the inner being of man also circulates chi energy, or positive energy that maintains a balance in the body and makes a man healthy, both on physical and mental levels.

For the constantly circulation of chi energy, it should be present constantly relation between man and the universe. Only in that way can ensure a long, healthy life.

If man wants to receive positive energy from the universe, it is necessary to apply certain points and techniques - breathing, meditation, certain movements, and orientation on the level of positive thoughts.

Through exercises man learn to restrain thoughts, learn how to focuses and directs the mind, and how to manage awareness.

Why disease occurs?

The disease occurs when comes to failure or the imbalance in the flow of positive chi energy; disease occurs when there is an interruption in relation between man and nature.

What are the end results of practicing Qi Gong?

QiGong is the science of using breathing techniques, certain movements and harmonization of thoughts.

1. The release of stress - person who practiced qi gong is more self-confident, strong, conscious, rational and easy decision-making. Have confidence in them and gain the confidence from others.

2. Accelerates the general health and increases vitality

3. Lift depression and melancholy

4. Rises dormant energy in man and helps him in making decisions

5. Regulates metabolism and digestion

6. Harmonizes hormone

7. Increases mobility and raises fitness

8. Reduces blood Pressure

9. Improves sleep

10. Prevents osteoporosis and arthritis