January 26, 2017

Tourmaline – crystal of mysticism and purification

Basic concepts of tourmaline

Tourmaline is the most widely spread mineral in Earth's crust and is easily accessible. Today, as the largest deposits of tourmaline include: Brazil, Africa, USA, Western Australia, Afghanistan, Italy.

Also people known for tourmaline before about 1500 years ago and it was first described in the 16th century when tourmaline was used at the court of the Chinese emperor.

The most common color of tourmaline is black tourmaline, with even 95%, while the rest of the group varies in color. 

Therefore, depending on the color, tourmaline classified into several types:

- Red
- Yellow
- Green
- Blue
- Watermelon
- Brown
- Purple

The name tourmaline comes from an ancient word, which means stone intermingled colors. Often in one piece of tourmaline can find two or more colors in the refraction of light.

Mysticism related to tourmaline lies in its physical properties. In fact, it was determined that when tourmaline first warm and then cool, he is not charging energy. That is, at one end, the stone becomes positively charged and negatively on the other end.

How tourmaline runs on physical and mental level?

Tourmaline stone is very appreciated for its healing effects reflected on the emotional, physical and mental level.

Its main characteristic is that clean and transforms the negative into positive energy. Moreover, tourmaline does not allow access to negative energy and pounding her before entering the chakras.

It is suitable for cleaning all chakras, because it balances, cleans and grounds them.

The most common color of tourmaline is black tourmaline, with even 95%, while the rest of the group varies in color.

On the physical level, tourmaline exhibits the following characteristics:

- Purifies the chakras and returns them to the balance
- Efficient effects on all organ systems

At the mental level, tourmaline raises self-esteem, strengthens inner strength, and reduces fear, anxiety. Removes all emotional blockages, directs man to look at ourselves first and to open up to others. Removes black negative thoughts, urges man to think and to bring only correct choices.

Emotionally, tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra, attracts love, awakes sexuality, and balance the male and female energy in the body.

The division according to color of tourmaline

Emotionally, tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra, attracts love, awakes sexuality, and balance the male and female energy in the body.

• Black Tourmaline

- Protects against radiation, emission of cell phones, computers, electromagnetic waves
- Protects against negative influences, curses and magic acts
- It grounds energy and increases physical activity
- Eliminates stress and tension
- Promotes good sleep
- Negative thoughts turns into a positive
- Stronger immune system
- Reduces Arthritis
- Relieves pain
- Removes dyslexia at children

• Blue Tourmaline

- Activates the throat chakra
- It is used for the treatment of the larynx, lung, esophagus and eyes
- Affects the kidneys and ureters
- It's good for insomnia, nocturnal enuresis, and bacterial infections
- Stimulates immune response
- Affects the Brain
- Blocks negative impacts, sadness, and nervousness
- Strengthen heart and openness to others, tolerance
- Excellent for healers because it protects against attacks by negative energies

• Brown Tourmaline

- Grounds and enhances physical body
- Purifies aura
-Reinforce interpersonal relationships and brings reconciliation after a family quarrel
- Regenerates whole body

• Green Tourmaline

- Opens heart chakra
- Awakens compassion, tolerance, patience
- Awakens creativity
- Soothes and relaxes
- Healing diarrhea and obstipation
- Reduces hyperactivity and nervousness and panic attacks
- Strengthen nerves, eyes, heart and brain
- Facilitates sleep

• Yellow Tourmaline

- Opens the solar plexus and balances the physical and spiritual body.
- Works well in the bile, stomach, spleen and kidneys

• Red Tourmaline

- Works on the sacral chakra
- Enhances circulation
- It acts on the heart, blood vessels, reproductive organs, digestive tract
- It helps in detoxification
- Energy and awakens force

• Pink tourmaline

- Extremely strong aphrodisiac
- Awakens sexuality and attractiveness
- Removes emotional and mental pain blockade
-  Purifying heart chakra
- Acts on the lungs and skin

• Watermelon tourmaline

- He is one of the most common tourmaline
- Contains more colors that are iridescent (green, red, yellow)
- Removes self-pity
- It helps a man to gain the courage and needed to move forward

Horoscope: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Tourmaline cleaning: Tourmaline is cleaned 1-2 times a month, briefly under lukewarm water overnight or in a container with water and with a quartz crystal.

Tourmaline charging: all types of tourmaline are filled with unlimited direct sunlight (necklace or bracelet to be charged in a dry bowl with crystals of hematite and rock crystal).

After cleaning the area of negative energy, we can protect the energy space. How?

Take 4 pieces of black tourmaline, and set them in the four corners of the house or apartment, in the middle of the house or apartment you put rock crystal and rose quartz.

Four black tourmaline in the four corners radiate power vertical, rock crystal in the middle connecting these bundles and balances the vibration of the crystal. Rose Quartz gives a positive emotional vibration.