October 12, 2015

The meaning of the symbols in feng shui

  • Buddha

It is believed that laughing Buddha protects the living area and contributes to the prosperity of the household. 

Because of the large belly of the Buddha, which is his trademark, it is considered that all members of the household will be always full and satisfied.

  • Three-legged frog

Figurine of three-legged frog can attract money, which why figure is holding in the living room on the podium full of coins and in position that face of frog is directed to the interior space, not towards windows and doors.

  • Figures of dragon

Figure of dragons always come in pairs. It is believed that the owner of these figures will have a successful career, power and more authority.

  • Chinese coins

Three Chinese coins are round and have a quadrangular slit in the middle. They have to be bind with red tape and kept in wallet. It is believed that in this way coins will attract money.