Peruvian maca - an herb which raises the immune system and regulates hormones

Maca is a complete innovation in alternative medicine and healthy eating. 

This herb is also called a super food because it contains all the essential nutrients that body needed, while in the other side, maca is the best natural immunostimulant and regulator of hormones in men and women.

Where encourages maca?

Maca originates from the soil of the Andes, from Bolivia and Peru (South America) and is growing at very high altitudes, where even the human foot is practically deserted. That is why maca also named as Peruvian maca or golden maca.

History related to herb maca

According to legend, the Incas gave their warriors powder from root of maca to increase their strength and endurance.
However, when the battle ended, they denied future application of maca because of its properties to strongly enhance libido. After the Spanish conquistadors brought the maca to their homeland, informing and Europe with this plant.

What is deposited in the maca?

Maca root contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, then vitamin C, minerals - zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, silicon and calcium

In addition to vitamin and mineral complex, maca contains protein, carbon hydrate, tannins, glycosides and alkaloids

By alkaloids, called macain 1,2,3,4 maca is recognized as the only plant that contains them. Namely, these alkaloids are responsible for the property of maca to elevate the immune system and protect the body against stress, germs and harmful agents.

In this herb, are present almost all amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, starch, fructose as well as sterols, which are responsible for maintaining the hormonal status of the organism.

Health Benefits of Maca

1. Raises immunity

Thanks to alkaloids, vitamins, minerals and other substances, maca has significantly impact on health and protects the body from reacting of stress factors.

2. Regulates hormone status of women and men

Maca is gladly used by women, because thanks to the presence of natural sterols and calcium and magnesium regulates the menstrual cycle, relieves spasms and raise the level of fertility in women.

In period of menopause maca eliminates symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia.

In men maca prevents the emergence of infertility, affects the quality and strength of the sperm, which is why maca called natural Viagra.

3. Regulates body weight

Maca speed up a metabolism; affect the maintenance of body weight, as well as to good digestion.

4. Lowers blood pressure and regulates cholesterol level

Dosage and precautions

- The root of maca can be found in powder, capsules or tablets. The recommended dose is 1500 - 3000 mg per day.

- Maca is not recommended for pregnant women and breast woman.

- People suffering from high blood pressure or thyroid disease before taking maca should be sure to consult with your doctor.

- Maca powder can be used in conjunction with yogurt instead of breakfast or slurred in a glass of water after meals in order to reduce weight.

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