September 3, 2015

Herbal Preparations for Rheumatism

A large number of the population around the world have a problem with bone-joint apparatus, and the most common deformation is rheumatism

The emergence of rheumatism is most pronounced during the winter and cold days, when the pain intensified, as low temperatures affect receptors for pain and people are unable to function normally and to move.

How to get rid of rheumatism in a natural way?

Besides medical treatment, it is necessary to uphold and some changes in the diet, because some foods intensified excretion of calcium from the body, while other foods are helping to regenerate bone tissue and joints.

People with rheumatism should have a diet that is rich in beans, cabbage and other vegetables, because it improves the mobility of joints. 

People with rheumatism should avoid meat, salty foods, fatty cheeses and salami.

In addition to diet, in the treatment of rheumatism it must be introduced herbal natural products that can significantly relieve the pain and help in repairing the consequences of rheumatism.

In addition to diet, in the treatment of rheumatism is introduced and aids in the form of herbal natural products that can significantly relieve the pain and help in repairing the consequences of rheumatism.

Which herbs are used in the treatment of rheumatism?

We're talking about seven plants that have a positive effect in the presence of rheumatic changes. 

They can also be used preventively but also during the existence of rheumatic processes and pain in the joints.

1. Nettle

Nettle is used as a tea and as coating in treatment of rheumatism. 

Tea is prepared as follows:

- Tablespoon of nettle
- 1 pint of boiling water

Nettle pours with boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Drink to taste with little honey.

Linings of nettle are prepared as well as tea, where cotton or linen rags covered in tea and put in painful places with rheumatism.

Another way of applying nettle is massaging the joints with fresh nettles

This method is used to improve circulation and better joint mobility.

2. Burdock

Against rheumatism it could be used tea of burdock root and leaves. Preparation is as follows:

- Tablespoon of finely chopped leaves and burdock root
- 1 pint of water

The roots and leaves of burdock cook in 1 pint of water about 5 minutes, then let stand covered for 10 minutes and strain. Drink 2 tablespoons 2 times a day.

3. Walnut

For this recipe for rheumatism you will need:

- 1 qt. (1 liter) virgin olive oil
- 10 tablespoon chopped walnut leaves

Walnut leaves soak in olive oil and keep in a jar in a warm place for 1 month. Jar need to be closed and every day shake for incorporating the content. After a month, the preparation is ready for use and is used as lubrication on painful places including massage.

4. Cabbage

The lining of the cabbage is very effective in rheumatic conditions and pain. It takes a folium of fresh cabbage and put on the affected area. Over this put a linen cloth, and over it put the towel. The coating changed 3 times daily.

5. Celery


- 1 oz celery leaves
- 1 pint of water

In the pot with water, put celery leaves and cook for a few minutes. Then leave to cool. Strain the tea of celery and drink several times a day.

6. Horseradish

Take finely grated horseradish, chopped onion, a little minced pepper and wrapped in a bit of gauze and put on the sore spot. The coating should be hold until you feel a burning sensation.

7. Apple cider vinegar

On the sore spot with rheumatism put a coating of apple cider vinegar and over it and put a dry cloth or towel. With this coating can be oversleep.

Aromatherapy in the treatment of rheumatism

- Aromatic lavender bath

In the hot bath put two drops of lavender oil.

- Massage Oil for painful joints

Mix the 2 drops of oil of blueberries, 2 drops of chamomile oil, 5 drops of lavender oil and 10 tablespoons of olive oil. Massage painful spots with this oil mixture every time you finish with bath.

- Oil of chamomile

Six drops of chamomile oil mix with a spoon of almond oil and thus massage painful areas after bathing in the hot tub.