September 5, 2015

Amethyst - stone of the spirit and metamorphosis

Amethyst is the stone of purple color, which is characteristic of the spirit and spirituality

This stone is characterized by qualities such as unselfishness, generosity, balance, and achieving inner peace.

Basic physical characteristics of amethyst

Amethyst is the most popular variant of naturally colored quartz

Because of its magical purple color, amethyst was prized since ancient times, but the origin of its color to this day has not been fully explained. 

It is generally accepted that the purple color comes from the presence of ions of iron (Fe) in the crystal lattice of quartz.

It is found in Brazil, Mexico, Zambia, Sri Lanka, USA, India, and Siberia.

How amethyst helps to preserve the health and mental state

Amethyst is the stone of purple color, which is characteristic of the spirit and spirituality. This stone is the protector of man, characterized by qualities such as unselfishness, generosity, balance, meditation and achieving inner peace.

Amethyst is the stone of metamorphosis and the transition from life to death. 

Because it is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius, amethyst symbolizes features such as a humanism, generosity, gift giving.

Since stimulates intuition and creativity, amethyst helps with learning all the things that are related to spiritualism, mysticism and occultism. 

It helps in achieving the vision and revelation, which why bishops carry amethyst on ring on right hand.

Amethyst enhances memory, regulates blood pressure, calms nerves and keeps the heart in good health. 

Amethyst was used as protection against witchcraft and evil forces. 

Bad thoughts, amethyst transforms into optimism.

Amethyst improves hormone production; it purifies the blood, and relieves the bruises and the edema and treat hearing disorders.

Beneficial effects of amethyst
relaxation in the digestive system. 

Amethyst provides a good sleep and for that it should be placed below pillow. Many people sleep with amethyst under pillow. Sleeping with amethyst facilitates body experiences and brings intuitive dreams.

Amethyst is used in treatment of alcohol, drugs or other addictions. 

In any of these cases, place a small piece of polished amethyst under the tongue of the person who shows symptoms of addiction. 

Under the tongue are glands which communicate with the entire biochemical system of the human body. A small piece of amethyst reacts with these glands and void addictive impulses.

The combination of amethyst and other crystals

Amethyst can be used with clear quartz and rose quartz

It is known that the amethyst calms the mind, while rose quartz leaflets emotional wounds. Rock Crystal amplifies energy in amethyst and rose quartz, so it should be combined in this trinity.

Amethyst should not be charged in the sun; only besides clear quartz. Amethyst is cleaning under lukewarm water.