10 recipes with flaxseed

Flax is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant, which gives the ripening brown seeds, that only when they are mature and dry contain enough beneficial servant, according to which  flaxseed is known.

Flaxseed is also characterized by the possession of a strong anti-cancer effect, protects against heart disease, stroke, thrombosis, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Who should use flaxseed?

Flaxseed because of its beneficial effects should be used by people suffering from arthritis, constipation and a strong stomach acid. Characteristic of flaxseed is to reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and helps digestion, so it is recommended as a natural laxative in the elimination of toxins.

Ground flaxseed is ideal for people who want to reduce body weight. Flaxseed prevents water retention in the body, helps excretion of toxins, speeds up metabolism and burn fat. It contains a large amount of dietary plant fibers, so it gives a longer feeling of satiety.

Flaxseed dilutes the blood, preventing the formation of thrombus and stones in the kidneys and bile.

Tests have shown anticancer activity of flaxseed, especially in breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

Flaxseed has positive action also in lowering blood cholesterol and raising good cholesterol.

Water retention in the body is the result of a disease, mainly related to the heart and kidneys, during the premenstrual period, in arthritis. In these cases, flaxseed will help because it influences the secretion of fluids and prevents water retention and edema.

Nutritional value of flaxseed and flaxseed oil


Flaxseed is one of the largest natural sources of lignin and omega - 3 omega - 6 and omega - 9 fatty acids, and contains 27 anti-cancer substances.

Flaxseed is one of the largest natural sources of lignin and omega - 3 omega - 6 and omega - 9 fatty acids, and contains 27 anti-cancer substances.

The oil obtained by cold pressing from flaxseed is intended for people who have cancer and are advised to daily use of flaxseed oil for people suffering from various forms of cancer.

10 recipes with flaxseed

1. To strengthen the body

Daily consume 2 tablespoons of freshly ground up flaxseed, which is mixed with yogurt, fruit juice or soup.

2. Against Heart Disease

Take 3 tablespoons of linseed oil and 6 tablespoons of low-fat cheese and stir mixer for one minute. If the mass is too thick add a little milk. It is used this mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

3. To reduce cholesterol

Mix the 100 g raw flaxseed with the same drought of sunflower seed with 100 g of coconut and corn flour and place in a clean jar. Every morning, for a month, take this mixture (2 tablespoons of mixture and glass of yogurt).

4. The anticancer remedy

Take two tablespoons of freshly ground up flaxseed and add 1 cup of fresh mixed fruit (especially blackberries).

5. Remedy against constipation

Every morning on an empty stomach, eat a spoonful of raw seeds. The longer you chew it is better.
Another recipe: Soak spoon flaxseeds in a cup of lukewarm water and leave to stand for six hours. Water spill and seeds need to be eating before going to bed.

6. To improve the function of the stomach

Tablespoon of chopped comfrey root mix with a spoon of flaxseed and pour cold chamomile tea. Occasionally stir the tea with a wooden spoon, and after an hour of standing, strain it and drink unsweetened, three times a day.

7. For gastritis

The mucus that produced flaxseed is the healthiest in the stomach, because coats the mucous membranes and prevents gastric acid that destroys mucous membranes. Just put flax seed in water and allow creating mucus. Use water of flaxseed which contains mucus.

8. For the regulation of high blood pressure

every day use some of the recipes with flax seed or include flaxseed in the daily diet. Flaxseed is unique, because it contains matter calls taglandin, which lowers blood pressure and prevents the formation of thrombi.

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