Eliminate depression and anxiety with Oil of Bergamot

What is bergamot and where it came from?

Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) is a plant of citrus family and is very similar to the orange and lemon. The fragrance of bergamot is citrusy with a floral note, which sets it apart from citrus oils. 

The fruit of bergamot doesn’t used for eating, even pulp or juice, but is exclusively cultivated in order to obtain essential oil.

It is believed that bergamot originates and is named after the eponymous town in Italy in Lombardy region where bergamot cultivated for commercial purposes in order to obtain the essential oil of bergamot.

The oil of bergamot is obtained by cold pressing of the bark of the bergamot's fruit reminiscent to oranges.

The oil of bergamot is obtained by cold pressing of the bark of the bergamot's fruit reminiscent to citrus fruits.

It’s well mixed with all the floral oils, particularly lavender, geranium and other citrus oils.

It is also used as a flavoring agent of black tea. Thus, enriched black tea is called Earl Grey.

What are the Health Benefits of Bergamot Oil?

Bergamot oil is used in aromatherapy primarily in order to suppress or relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, poor sleep. 

Its primary role is psychological, or oil of bergamot has the property to act on the nervous system and eliminate all mental barriers that burden the psyche of man.

• The oil of bergamot against depression and anxiety

Depression is a condition accompanied with apathy, moving away from the people, and the desire for solitude, lack of appetite and neglect of personal hygiene. Anxiety is accompanied by states of nervousness and panic.

Bergamot oil is excellent natural remedy for the treatment of these mental illnesses. The essential oil of bergamot contains substances that act on the cerebral cortex and increase the secretion of neurotransmitters in charge of good mood.

• Improves good sleep

Besides affecting the reduction of stress and improve mood, bergamot has the property to soothe, especially in the state of insomnia. This oil soothes, relaxes and brings serenity of soul.

For this purpose, it is best to bedtime instilled two to three drops of bergamot oil on a handkerchief and inhale the essence. You will feel how this oil slowly relax and drift off you to sleep.

If you are constantly stressed out at work, you can also use this trick with oil of bergamot.

When you return tired from work in moments of relaxation, do yourself a bath to which you add two drops of bergamot, lavender and thyme.

• Regulates digestion

If you are depressed, you have a poor appetite or you are otherwise inclined to overeat, bergamot oil can solve the case. 

It is enough to dilute oil of bergamot in base oil and massage stomach with it. Bergamot has affinity to nicely eliminates bloating and regulate digestion.

• Antibacterial effect of bergamot

Due to the natural antiseptic properties, oil of bergamot effectively eliminates the symptoms related to urinary tract inflammation - itching, burning, difficult urination.

Bergamot oil can be combined with tea tree oil, sage, because they also have antiseptic properties.

• Analgesic functioning of bergamot

For headaches, pain in the muscles, current injures the oil of bergamot can be rubbed on the sore spot.

What should be emphasized is - the oil of bergamot is very phototoxic oil! For this reason, in case of external use, skin should not be exposed to the sun for the next 24 hours.

Meaning of Colors according to Feng Shui

Traditional Chinese methods of spatial planning or feng shui gives us guidance on how to establish equilibrium, the flow of positive energy, and progress in our home.

How feng shui divided all things into two sexes, male (Yang) and female (Yin), so the colors are labeled as cold (yin) and hot (yang).

Colors are carriers of light, darkness, positive and negative vibrations. Depending on how the colors fit into a home, it depend the existence of harmony and progress in the house.

The basic principle of the application of color in feng shui is to establish a balance, rather than to achieve success.
The basic principle of the application of color in feng shui is to establish a balance, rather than to achieve success.

Black color

This is a mystical color, which operates dark, but brings protection and power. Excellent for ambitious people who want money.

White color

White is the color of truth, innocence and purity. The walls of the house in white bring tranquility, a lot of positive energy and inner harmony.

Blue color

Blue belongs to cool colors, but do not work that way. On the contrary, this color brings a sense of peace and confidence, but it also relaxes and strengthens the adventuresome spirit.

Red color

Red color belongs to yang colors or warm colors. The red color in the home evokes happiness, money, passion and strength.

Purple color

Purple is the color range that includes all colors. Therefore, it is presented as a color that establishes a balance between an individual body and mental spirit.

Yellow color

The warm color that makes a human being looks forward. It is a color of summer and joyful. But the long presence of yellow color in the home brings anxiety.

Orange color

This is a warm color that strengthens concentration, intellect and creativity. Orange color is good for organized person.

Green color

The green color belongs to cold, yin colors. This color brings relaxation, harmony, good health and a lot of money.

Pink color

This is the color of love and it is best to be more present in the bedroom.

• Gold and silver color

These are the colors of universality, truth and love. It is best to combine them with white.

Tourmaline – crystal of mysticism and purification

Basic concepts of tourmaline

Tourmaline is the most widely spread mineral in Earth's crust and is easily accessible. Today, as the largest deposits of tourmaline include: Brazil, Africa, USA, Western Australia, Afghanistan, Italy.

Also people known for tourmaline before about 1500 years ago and it was first described in the 16th century when tourmaline was used at the court of the Chinese emperor.

The most common color of tourmaline is black tourmaline, with even 95%, while the rest of the group varies in color. 

The most common color of tourmaline is black tourmaline, with even 95%, while the rest of the group varies in color.

Therefore, depending on the color, tourmaline classified into several types:

- Red
- Yellow
- Green
- Blue
- Watermelon
- Brown
- Purple

The name tourmaline comes from an ancient word, which means stone intermingled colors. Often in one piece of tourmaline can find two or more colors in the refraction of light.

Mysticism related to tourmaline lies in its physical properties. In fact, it was determined that when tourmaline first warm and then cool, he is not charging energy. That is, at one end, the stone becomes positively charged and negatively on the other end.

How tourmaline runs on physical and mental level?

Tourmaline stone is very appreciated for its healing effects reflected on the emotional, physical and mental level.

Its main characteristic is that clean and transforms the negative into positive energy. Moreover, tourmaline does not allow access to negative energy and pounding her before entering the chakras.

It is suitable for cleaning all chakras, because it balances, cleans and grounds them.

On the physical level, tourmaline exhibits the following characteristics:

- Purifies the chakras and returns them to the balance
- Efficient effects on all organ systems

At the mental level, tourmaline raises self-esteem, strengthens inner strength, and reduces fear, anxiety. Removes all emotional blockages, directs man to look at ourselves first and to open up to others. Removes black negative thoughts, urges man to think and to bring only correct choices.

Emotionally, tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra, attracts love, awakes sexuality, and balance the male and female energy in the body.

The division according to color of tourmaline

Emotionally, tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra, attracts love, awakes sexuality, and balance the male and female energy in the body.

• Black Tourmaline

- Protects against radiation, emission of cell phones, computers, electromagnetic waves
- Protects against negative influences, curses and magic acts
- It grounds energy and increases physical activity
- Eliminates stress and tension
- Promotes good sleep
- Negative thoughts turns into a positive
- Stronger immune system
- Reduces Arthritis
- Relieves pain
- Removes dyslexia at children

• Blue Tourmaline

- Activates the throat chakra
- It is used for the treatment of the larynx, lung, esophagus and eyes
- Affects the kidneys and ureters
- It's good for insomnia, nocturnal enuresis, and bacterial infections
- Stimulates immune response
- Affects the Brain
- Blocks negative impacts, sadness, and nervousness
- Strengthen heart and openness to others, tolerance
- Excellent for healers because it protects against attacks by negative energies

• Brown Tourmaline

- Grounds and enhances physical body
- Purifies aura
-Reinforce interpersonal relationships and brings reconciliation after a family quarrel
- Regenerates whole body

• Green Tourmaline

- Opens heart chakra
- Awakens compassion, tolerance, patience
- Awakens creativity
- Soothes and relaxes
- Healing diarrhea and obstipation
- Reduces hyperactivity and nervousness and panic attacks
- Strengthen nerves, eyes, heart and brain
- Facilitates sleep

• Yellow Tourmaline

- Opens the solar plexus and balances the physical and spiritual body.
- Works well in the bile, stomach, spleen and kidneys

• Red Tourmaline

- Works on the sacral chakra
- Enhances circulation
- It acts on the heart, blood vessels, reproductive organs, digestive tract
- It helps in detoxification
- Energy and awakens force

• Pink tourmaline

- Extremely strong aphrodisiac
- Awakens sexuality and attractiveness
- Removes emotional and mental pain blockade
-  Purifying heart chakra
- Acts on the lungs and skin

• Watermelon tourmaline

- He is one of the most common tourmaline
- Contains more colors that are iridescent (green, red, yellow)
- Removes self-pity
- It helps a man to gain the courage and needed to move forward

Horoscope: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Tourmaline cleaning: Tourmaline is cleaned 1-2 times a month, briefly under lukewarm water overnight or in a container with water and with a quartz crystal.

Tourmaline charging: all types of tourmaline are filled with unlimited direct sunlight (necklace or bracelet to be charged in a dry bowl with crystals of hematite and rock crystal).

After cleaning the area of negative energy, we can protect the energy space. How?

Take 4 pieces of black tourmaline, and set them in the four corners of the house or apartment, in the middle of the house or apartment you put rock crystal and rose quartz.

Four black tourmaline in the four corners radiate power vertical, rock crystal in the middle connecting these bundles and balances the vibration of the crystal. Rose Quartz gives a positive emotional vibration.
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Detoxification of the body in a natural way

The man is daily exposed to influences from the external environment; through food he enters numerous toxins, pesticides, harmful substances and inhaled noxious gases.

In a word, everything that goes into the body, after the treatment of digesting, need to eliminate from it. 

It would be ideal if the food we eat is completely organic, without spraying pesticides. It would be ideal if we breathe air that is free of pollution and harmful substances.

However, the ideal world doesn’t exist, but only awareness of the situation on the planet Earth and redirecting our habits of life, in the manner to preserve health.

The food we eat is our power of energy and our drug, because it contains all the necessary nutrients and healing substances.

food should be used for the purpose of detoxification, and cleansing of the body, because the natural way of cleaning is the best and the only correct way.

In addition, food should be used for the purpose of detoxification, and cleansing of the body, because the natural way of cleaning is the best and the only correct way.

Foods that are used in the process of detoxification of the body

• Fruits

Fruit is the food that is definitely recommended as a base during each day. There is no ideal fruit which could be singled out as the only true to cleanse the body. Although, there is one fruit among others and it is available to us all - apple. 

Apple is a fruit that contains a lot of dietary fiber; it’s full of vitamin C and antioxidants. It’s very easy to digest, don’t burden the body, and it effectively cleanses toxins and the many metabolites.

Citrus fruits are also elections for the detoxification of the body. These include lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime and others. They are rich in vitamin C, which is the best vitamin to detoxify the body. Start your days with freshly squeezed orange juice, and during the day make yourself fresh lemonade.

• Vegetables

If detoxification of the body is exerting in spring or summer, you'll have on the menu gentile green vegetables - spinach, kale, broccoli, Swiss chard. 

Use veggies for preparing smoothies, stews, fresh salads. Try to grow your own veggies or buy organic vegetables, which weren’t sprayed. Fresh green vegetables are perfect for liver detoxification.

Garlic encourages the production of liver enzymes that help in detoxification of toxic residues in the digestive system. It is therefore very beneficial to use garlic as a condiment.

• Nuts

For a snack, you can take advantage of a variety of nuts - walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, chickpeas, followed by pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds

These foods are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, aka omega fatty acids, which effectively absorb and bind toxins themselves.

In addition to nuts and seeds, get into your diet and olive oil or flax oil, because these oils are also abundant in omega fatty acids. In addition to being part in the detoxification of the body, olive oil will feed all the organs and skin.

• Teas

During the period of detoxification, the consummation of the fluid is highly recommended. This includes the water, unsweetened fruit juices and unsweetened teas.

Teas that can be used for detoxification are:

- Green tea
- Flax
- Nettle
- Leaf of birch
- Leaf of raspberries, blackberries
- Stems cherries, sour cherries
- Dandelion root

Clean house and attract good luck into the home

The ancient Chinese art of decorating living space, feng shui, lays down certain rules furnishing the home in order to establish balance, prosperity and well-being.

Apply some simple rules of feng shui in your home and refresh your ambient with positive energy and happiness. It is very easy; you just need a little peek at corners of your house.

1. You don’t like to clean? Now, you will love it!

Feng shui says that dust, dirt and mess evoke bad energy and retain it in the house; then comes to illness, loss of finances and the like.

Therefore, when you think of this fact, grab a towel, soap and water and announce a work action - cleaning the house.

2. Let your home breath

Observe things around, bed, desk, chest of drawers, unnecessary things that you have deposited. Do you notice crowding and disorder?

The most important thing in feng shui is to provide home to breathe, or not to be crowded with furniture and things. It will probably happen if you had to weave between the bed and chest of drawers, or your closet is near the window, so you do not open it.

Take an action and solve everything unnecessary. Rearrange life space and refresh its look. In this way, your home will begin to breathe and energy will circulate.

3. Broken items should be discarded

If you find a broken vase or expensive dish, and you do not want to throw it away, you know that according to feng shui rules, these broken things evoke the poverty of the house.

To avoid living in poverty, discard broken things and collect money to buy some new little thing.

4. Keep fresh flowers in the house

In a vase there is a bouquet of roses stand so long since dried, and you don’t even notice. Don’t hold dry flowers or the plastic flowers in the house, because it stops the progress, prosperity and finance.

One of them is crassula, plant with fleshy green leaves, which is a great decoration for any home.

Keep fresh indoor plants, in bright environments, near a window. Plants will refresh the air in the room where you are staying. 

Some plants are used as houseplants which attract money. One of them is crassula, plant with fleshy green leaves, which is a great decoration for any home.